Homeless in Vegas!

I have never found street photography or photographing people easy, I try, but often I fear offending people, and never get the moment or lighting as I want it. Lighting can always be fixed later, but one thing I have found is that monochrome seems to work best for me. The one above is of... Continue Reading →

Bridge Art

Bridges are one of my favourite themes for photography. Stone, wood, steel and cast iron have all been used to cross Himalayan torrents or gently flowing French rivers. Each is unique in its structure and its history too, always worth looking up to bring some “life” to the edifice itself. Here’s a few I’ve taken... Continue Reading →

Fish Art

Fish markets are one on my favourite places to visit when on holiday! I know, I know, it sounds a bit weird but the breadth of interesting photo opportunities is colossal. The variety of fish, the colours and the artistic way the stall holder organises their produce. My photos today are all from Cadiz where... Continue Reading →

Food Art

I’m constantly amazed at how simple meals in many hotels, brasseries and restaurants can be made to look extremely artistic. A sushi in a restaurant in Spain, a buffet breakfast in France, a lunchtime charcuterie in a Burgundy Brasserie, and a simple mid afternoon snack outside a Cadiz cafe with a glass of wine. All... Continue Reading →

Travel colour

How often are we blind to the colour that surrounds us? I’ve been as blind as everyone else when travelling, looking but not seeing, a distinct lack of mindfulness, which is quite an admission from a committed Buddhist! Streets, people and buildings, and sometimes landscape can seem drab at times and better shown in monochrome,... Continue Reading →

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