Archimedes and me!

Archimedes was born, lived and died at Syracuse on the island of Sicily which if you’re on a Mediterranean cruise is one of the historic and cultural stops for at least a day. We berthed at the port of Catania which gave us a view of Mt. Etna, the active volcano, as our cruise liner... Continue Reading →

Look after ALL your bodies

Look after your body" is one of those maxims that we all understand and yet mostly ignore, from the extreme of self harm/abuse to the daily stuffing of junk food into our mouths, weekend alcohol binges, or moment to moment poor body posture as we work/play on a computer or watch tv. And yet we... Continue Reading →

A Lotus For You

Two weeks ago Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice certainly curtailed my walking exercise . Early mornings were slightly less windy for an hour or two, so it was a 2 miles speed walk rather than a 4 miles leisure walk before it blew up again! Meditation as I walked was still possible as I deepened... Continue Reading →

Right here, right now

Another week passes and I discover or realise yet another similarity between the philosophy of Ancient Greeks and that of Buddhism. It was the Ancient Greeks who coined the terms Chronos and Kairos each relating to the concept of "time", with the former describing the dimension of time (direction, duration), and the latter describing the... Continue Reading →

You have reached your destination

You have reached your destination! You already are what you want to become. This is part of the Buddhist concept of Aimlessness, perhaps better described as "wishlessness", and it has eluded me for a long time. I never fully understood that constantly striving to achieve more money, power, position and status, or craving a bigger... Continue Reading →

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