Impermanence and Buddhism

At the heart of Buddhism are the three characteristics of existence; No-self, suffering/dissatisfaction, and impermanence, and it is very difficult to explain one without reference to the other two. Never mind all of the other elements of Buddhism, this is an eye opener whatever your beliefs, religious or otherwise. My previous three posts gave some... Continue Reading →

Emptiness & No self

In my previous three posts I have used flowers to gently illustrate the concept of No-self in Buddhism. I’m no expert but I constantly strive to deepen my own understanding and often meditate with No-self as my focus. I have also read that in "The Meditations" Marcus Aurelius puts forward the basic Stoic view of... Continue Reading →

Fungi & No-self

When our children were very young they started to develop a keen interest in the natural world; flowers, grasses, birds, insects, butterflies, trees, and ………. fungi. Our home was littered with books on each item, some large "coffee table" books but many were pocketbooks that were essential to day trips and summer holidays.  Over time... Continue Reading →

Buddha in a glass of wine

Each week I award myself a glass of wine if I have successfully stuck to my plan of "changing shape" this year, and yesterday I sat in a comfortable armchair with a wine glass on a nearby table. It was empty, no wine was in it, but nearby was a bottle that contained some wine,... Continue Reading →

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