All it needed was a little rain!

A drop in temperature plus a little rain was all it needed for my desert garden to wake up. The soil is still powdery dry, but the flowers and shrubs must have received enough on their leaves and through the atmosphere to bloom. How’s yours doing? Penstemon Dahlia with Bee Osteospermum Geranium Succulent flowering plus... Continue Reading →

A globally warmed garden

The temperature in the U.K. has touched 40C in the last few days, no rain for the past couple of weeks, and my garden has taken on that arid quality we have only seen in Western movies or Saharan crossings. I was hoping for some photos of my dahlias, begonias and geraniums to show off,... Continue Reading →

Water Art

Water, one of the four ancient elements, along with earth, air and fire. A molecule comprising two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Essential to life on our planet, approximately 60% of my body composition which needs around 2 litres per day ingested to prevent dehydration. It’s all around us, but do we... Continue Reading →

Fungi & No-self

When our children were very young they started to develop a keen interest in the natural world; flowers, grasses, birds, insects, butterflies, trees, and ………. fungi. Our home was littered with books on each item, some large "coffee table" books but many were pocketbooks that were essential to day trips and summer holidays.  Over time... Continue Reading →


Early morning walks are something I look forward to at any time of the year, and now in early summer walking through the wheat fields surrounding our village it’s a beautiful start to any day. But something has always puzzled me; why are wheat fields inundated with poppies, their delicate bright red flower heads swaying... Continue Reading →

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