Impermanence and Buddhism

At the heart of Buddhism are the three characteristics of existence; No-self, suffering/dissatisfaction, and impermanence, and it is very difficult to explain one without reference to the other two. Never mind all of the other elements of Buddhism, this is an eye opener whatever your beliefs, religious or otherwise. My previous three posts gave some... Continue Reading →

Religious Impermanence

Religion is the third of my examples of how impermanence is much more widespread than one might generally think; but no major connection to Buddhism until my 4th post, just maybe a hint or two! Whatever your religious beliefs or faith, a moment’s thought will reveal that your own religion has changed AND has changed... Continue Reading →

Metallic Impermanence

In a previous age, iron was the element and material of progress that underpinned the great Industrial Revolution. Beam engines, boilers, cart wheels, flywheels, railway tracks, pistons, hammer mills, ocean going ships, cannons, all made from varying forms of iron, cast iron, wrought iron, and steel. And now so much of it abandoned, non functional,... Continue Reading →

Industrial Impermanence

Dungeness beach on the southern English coast is a most interesting place to visit for a number of reasons; it’s officially classified as a desert (yes! Check it out), glorious light from sky and sea, pebbles but no sand, a lighthouse, a nuclear power station, and a brilliant inn selling classic fish & chips. It’s... Continue Reading →

Emptiness & No self

In my previous three posts I have used flowers to gently illustrate the concept of No-self in Buddhism. I’m no expert but I constantly strive to deepen my own understanding and often meditate with No-self as my focus. I have also read that in "The Meditations" Marcus Aurelius puts forward the basic Stoic view of... Continue Reading →

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