Buddha’s words; #2 Already dead?

The second chapter of the Dhammapada is often headed as Attention, Awakened, or Awareness. The more I read its verses the more I see it as guidance and direction on Mindfulness, and this has become my overall interpretation. Awareness is the place of the deathless; Unawareness is the place of death. The aware do not... Continue Reading →

Buddha’s words: #1 All states of being

There is no Buddhist bible. The closest written work is The Dhammapada, a collection of sayings and teachings from Buddha passed on in the oral tradition of the time and then subsequently written down. The first "section/chapter" of the Dhammapada is usually labelled as PAIRS or TWINS and shows the dualistic nature of Buddha’s thinking... Continue Reading →

Metallic Impermanence

In a previous age, iron was the element and material of progress that underpinned the great Industrial Revolution. Beam engines, boilers, cart wheels, flywheels, railway tracks, pistons, hammer mills, ocean going ships, cannons, all made from varying forms of iron, cast iron, wrought iron, and steel. And now so much of it abandoned, non functional,... Continue Reading →

Look after ALL your bodies

Look after your body" is one of those maxims that we all understand and yet mostly ignore, from the extreme of self harm/abuse to the daily stuffing of junk food into our mouths, weekend alcohol binges, or moment to moment poor body posture as we work/play on a computer or watch tv. And yet we... Continue Reading →

A Question of Evil

Is the invasion of Ukraine an evil act, and is President Putin an evil man? These two questions are being discussed and written about all over the world at present, and quite right too. Politicians, celebrities, the media, sportspeople, bloggers and religious leaders are all weighing in with their opinions, mostly in the affirmative about... Continue Reading →

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