Seeing red again!

A few more images using the photo splash technique to highlight the red elements in each scene. The featured photo above is from the STEAM museum in Swindon, England. Plus a personal feature to finish. A designer clothing shop window in Prague. A row of colourful beach huts at Whitby, but with only the red... Continue Reading →

All it needed was a little rain!

A drop in temperature plus a little rain was all it needed for my desert garden to wake up. The soil is still powdery dry, but the flowers and shrubs must have received enough on their leaves and through the atmosphere to bloom. How’s yours doing? Penstemon Dahlia with Bee Osteospermum Geranium Succulent flowering plus... Continue Reading →

Homeless in Vegas!

I have never found street photography or photographing people easy, I try, but often I fear offending people, and never get the moment or lighting as I want it. Lighting can always be fixed later, but one thing I have found is that monochrome seems to work best for me. The one above is of... Continue Reading →

I see red with my camera!

Colour or monochrome seems to be an all-or-nothing approach to photography, but in my view it isn’t, as I discovered quite a few years ago. There’s a mid ground approach known as colour splash or sometimes photo splash where an image is rendered into greyscale and then selected colours put back using an app on... Continue Reading →

Shit flies in Kathmandu!

A few days back a headline in The Kathmandu Post caught my eye. It said “Slime and sludge gush out while drilling deep bore well”, but I think my headline is better! As I read the report and looked at the photos I just couldn’t stop laughing. Anyone who has spent any time in Kathmandu... Continue Reading →

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