Archimedes and me!

Archimedes was born, lived and died at Syracuse on the island of Sicily which if you’re on a Mediterranean cruise is one of the historic and cultural stops for at least a day. We berthed at the port of Catania which gave us a view of Mt. Etna, the active volcano, as our cruise liner... Continue Reading →

Herculaneum: Sex, skeletons and sewage!

Continuing our cruise ships day at Naples, Luca’s humour and enthusiasm for all things archaeological was like a glass of the best prosecco you have ever tasted compared to some of the earlier tour guides who were more like the dregs from the previous night’s bottle of Mongolian Red! He was also capable of walking... Continue Reading →

Pompeii men

Naples is a popular stopping point on Mediterranean cruises and our last cruise 5 years ago was no exception. It enables trips to the ancient site of Pompeii where you can spend hours wandering around the cobbled streets and remaining ruins. Cameras click away incessantly and these two statues caught my eye and just cried... Continue Reading →

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