About Us

All states of being are determined by mind, it is mind that leads the way

One of us a psychologist (Dr B) and one of us a scientist/teacher (Dr C), now both retired. We studied together, graduated together, raised a family together, ran a UK/Nepal Educational charity together. One of us is from Cumbria, one of us is from Kathmandu AND was the first woman from Nepal to get a PhD (1971!). The other got one too! One of us was born a Buddhist, the other one wasn’t.Welcome to our site, the start point for your enjoyment of our blog. We are writing quite eclectically at present, though in the past this has been very different and has included Travel, English History, Personal Ancestry, Mountaineering, and our Education Aid work in Nepal.

You may be wondering about the blog title. It was inspired by the first line of the Dhammapada “all states of being are determined by mind….”. It was also inspired by a weird thought and conversation we had one day in a wine bar in Spain which was “if Buddha was sitting here now with us what would we talk about”? We decided it may NOT be deep full-on Buddhism, but would probably be about all sorts of things (eclectic) such as the wine, the city (Malaga), politics, the cricket score, our backgrounds, history, philosophy ……. in other words, a relatively normal intelligent conversation exploring each other and a wide range of topics. Since that day we have often sat down in many wine bars and laughing, said to ourselves “where’s Sid (our name for Buddha whose original name was Siddhartha) we need to start the conversation, what should it be.” And so our blog is a reflection of this rather bizarre occurrence.

For several years we have travelled the world together in a mindful way exploring culture, architecture, museums, galleries, wine ……. But now with old age and health issues creeping up on us, much of our travel is relatively local or just “in the mind”! Oh, and we have written a couple of books too.

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